Which type of extension to take is a personal preference

Dreadlock Extensions

There are 3 different materials I use to make dreadlock extensions; wool, synthetic hair and human hair.

It is a personal preference which one to take.

There is a difference between temporary dread extensions and permanent dread extenders.

Temporary dread extensions; 

Dread extension are braided into the hair and can stay in for around 8 weeks. You can take them out and re install them whenever you like, they will last for many years.

The extensions can come in single ended and double ended dreads. The single ended have a loop at the top and the double ended are two dreads in one (a folded dreadlock). The double ended dreads are mostly used to create more volume.

Permanent dread extenders:
If you already have permanent dreadlocks installed or are planning to install them you can extend them with extenders to create a longer length. Which material to use to extend your dreads (human hair, synthetic hair or wool) is a personal preference whereby I recommend to do some research first before you decide.

Difference in materials:

Wool: is soft, light weighted, naturally antimicrobial (resisting mold naturally) and they can come in smooth or wavy structure. Do they have cons? They are only a bit more heavy when washed (comparable with human hair dreadlock) and dry slower than synthetics  but when a micro fiber towel is used you can soak the most water out. You can use a blow dryer to speed up the drying proces. The wool I use is a high quality type.

Synthetics: are looking close to real hair, dry fast after washing and come in a smooth texture. The synthetic hair I use is of a high quality. Do they have cons? Some say synthetics can be a bit more stiff and scratchy but since I use a softer and silky kind of synthetic hair it is less scratchy and stiff. 

Human hair: is the closest to your own hair and made of human hair. The hair I use is of a high quality and 100% human hair. Do they have cons? Human hair is the most expensive of all.

All Dreadlocks mature (felt up) in time, no matter what material is used, synthetics, wool or human hair

How many dread extensions do you need?

For a partial look you can use single ended dreads to braid in at the frist few rows at the back of the head, for example a mini partial 10 SE (single ended) dreads to the first two rows and for a full partial (which will cover the back of the head from above the ears) with more volume 20 SE are recommended (or to mix with some double ended dreads for more volume).

For a full head look (covering the whole head) you can use around 50 dreads (for example 30 DE, double ended, and 20 SE, single ended). But you can totally customize this with any amount you like to create more or less volume.

Which length and size dreadlocks do you need?

I can make any length and size of dreadlock desired but to give you an idea of sizing and length in general these measures are used;
Length; shoulder 35/40cm, over shoulders 50/55cm, bum length 65/70cm.
Size; pencil 0.5/0.7cm, sharpie 0.8/1.0 cm

Tip; if you are new to dreadlock extensions, start with a partial so you can see if dreads are something for you.

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