How to take care of your Wool Dreads

Wool Dread Care

Congrats on having your set of Wool SaltyDreads!

Here is all the information that you need to know about how to take care of them!

How long can I wear them?

Wool Dreads can be worn for around 6-8 weeks. This is because you lose 80-100 hairs each day, those are all staying in the attachment piece and will come out when you take your Dreads out. The longer you leave your Dreads in, the more loose hair, the more knotty it will be and harder to comb out.

How do I sleep with them?

You can just sleep as normal with your dreads. The first few nights can feel a little different, maybe you feel some tightness but that will go away. To prevent frizz, a (satin) Night Cap is the perfect way to sleep with your Dreads! It will protect your roots from getting frizzy. You could also wear your hair up in a bun.

How and how often do I wash them?

Before washing it is recommended to remove any dread jewelry which can be easily removed, small beads and wrappings you can leave on.

Wash your scalp/hair once or twice a week with a (natural) residu free Spray Shampoo or Cleansing Spray. 

Take a small amount of shampoo in your hands, then gently massage your scalp with the shampoo. Make sure you go all the way down to the tips of the Dreadlocks.  It is very important to rinse the Dreads with water after shampooing.

And if you want to take a shower without washing your dreads, or only wash your bangs, you can use a Shower Cap.

Luxury Ends on Wool Dreads

If you have luxury open ends to your wool dreads, you can condition them after washing (rinse with water after washing) and gently comb them out, when they are dry, with a soft brush. It is normal to loose some hairs from the luxury ends, you can compare it with loosing your natural hairs while combing.  

After washing

When you have washed your Dreads it is super important they dry thoroughly! After you have squeezed as much water as you can out of your Dreads, wrap a towel on your head for 30 to 60 minutes to soak the rest of the water out. Let them air dry.  Make sure your Dreads are dry before you go to sleep or are tied up.

Color longevity

If you take care of your dreads in a sensible and loving way your dreads will last for years.

The colors can fade a bit during the years, especially dark colors can release some small amount using (to) hot water. High quality professional dye is used to hand-dye your wool dreads and is not te be expected to loose much color or “bleeding”. 

What to do when my scalp is itching?

When you wear Wool Dreads, your scalp can get itchy sometimes. It can be because the dreads are installed a bit to tight or the scalp and dreads are not dried well enough. A Refreshening Spray can be a good solution! Just spray this on your scalp and it will calm down.

When you have a rash on your scalp, don’t panic, this will go away after some days, it’s a reaction from your scalp on the tension. Use a Conditioning Oil on the rash to calm down the itchiness.

How do I take them out?

Use a seam ripper or scissors to cut the elastics. Then just unbraid Dread by Dread.  Comb out the loose hair dry, strand for strand from the bottom to the top of the strand. Or if you prefer wet, wetten the hair, shampoo it, rinse with water, put in some conditioner and brush the hair, beginning at the ends (strand by strand).


Wool Dreads are reusable for years! After taking them out you can wash and shampoo them by hand on a low temperature.

Don’t put them in the washing machine or dryer, let them air dry!

Enjoy, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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