SaltyDreads Dreadlock Art has been used for (professional) photoshoots and videos. 

Here you can find the latest projects Marjolein of SaltyDreads has made custom locs for.

Janet Jackson Interview Beauty Magazine Allure

Read the full interview from Allure with Janet Jackson here.

The Venturer


“ We often wonder where our feet might take us. How deep our footsteps will be, if the wind will take them away, or if they will leave any mark at all. Deep into our human consciousness there remains the enduring urge to make sense of our paths, Yet it is up to us to permit our wondering to pass through us. And keep Venturing into the Unknown.

“ This very special project is brought to you by SaltyDreads. It personifies the moment when we let go of our fears and wonders, and embrace the Unknown.

Hair & Styling: SaltyDreads
Director & Creator: Robin van der Weide
Model: Alana Una Divine
Music: tihanamusic on YT
Text: Robin van der Weide

Ophelia Overdose

Artist & Model Ophelia Overdose. 
Magazine publications & online photoshoots.

Model: Ophelia Overdose
Clothing: Nixi Killick
Photography: Moritz Maibaum Photography
Dreads: SaltyDreads

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