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About me and My Journey

It all started when I was young. I was intrigued with long hair, braids, wigs and hair decorations. I cut, curled, styled every doll that I had.

When I grew up I discovered dreads, it never left my mind.

I am Marjolein, Dread Artist, mom and wife. I moved with my family from The Netherlands to Portugal in 2016.

This was the moment that I decided to follow my dreams and getting dreads was a part of that journey.

The very first second I braided my Dreadlock Extensions in I knew this was something for me, it literally felt like coming home to myself. 

More and more people were asking me if I could help them with getting their dreadlocks done and help them with their journey. This is when I felt becoming a Dreadlock Artist was calling me.

I took the leap and started my SaltyDreads Hair Studio in the beginning of 2019.

I practiced for so many hours with making Dreadlocks, reading all information available online and in books about it. To improve my skills I followed a lot of (professional) courses and became a certified Dreadlock Artist. With all this knowledge and experience I developed my own dreadlock making technique and style.

Every client is unique, every dread is divine and has a story.

I am looking forward to make your dread dream come true.



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