Kavella Salty Sugar Texture Spray

Kavella Salty Sugar Texture Spray


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4 oz Salty Sugar Texture Spray. Best for achieving authentic straight-off-the-beach waves and perfect for maturing dreadlocks.

  • Sea Salt and Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt): Creates a true beachy texture.
  • Hydrolyzed Rice Protein: Shown to increase volume of the hair by 44% after just 5 treatments.  Adds incredible softness while it strengthens the hair for continued damage repair and prevention.  Increases moisture and shine with regular use.
  • Organic Orange and Lime Distillates: For a natural beachy fragrance!
  • Organic, Raw Coconut Sugar: Adds separation to the ends of hair and helps mitigate crunchy texture from the spray’s salts.
  • Betaine of Beet Sugar Extract: Water will follow any osmolytes (sugars, betaine, amino acids), as they penetrate the hair shaft.  Betaine is found in hair, naturally, and is responsible for it’s sheen, and manageability.  When hair becomes dry it is in part due to a deficiency in this vital component. Studies have shown that betaine penetrates, and stays in the hair. Derived form GMO-free beets
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