Raw Roots Castile Soap Sage Lime

Raw Roots Castile Soap Sage Lime


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Raw Roots Castile Soap Sage & Lime

This castile soap can handle most cleaning tasks without you having to worry about chemicals and sulfates.
Use Castille soap as shampoo, soap for body and hands, for foot bath or shaving.
Castile soap contains only vegetable-based ingredients which make it healthier for the skin than the conventional soaps otherwise available on the market.
As the soap is based on vegetable oils – unlike animal fat-based soaps – castilla soap is a cleaner soap suitable for vegans.
It is also biodegradable, environmentally friendly and the bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic.
Castille soap is ideal as a shampoo for the care of dry hair.
For normal to oily hair, the protective film left by glycerin can seem a bit heavy so here our ACV Herbal Rinse is recommended after washing hair or switching to Herbal Cleanser shampoo.
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